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@grrrlsincyberspace "recently I discovered religion nd I am very forgetful so do you have any tips on remembering how to pray?"



i’m very very forgetful too lol

two things that i do are

  1. set an alarm in your phone - i have an alarm in my phone that reminds me to read my morning devotional. so i could be on the bus to school and start liking people’s instagram or texting people, or on the phone with someone…but once that alarm goes off, i take time to devote to reading the word. and i usually pray before and after reading. you can set an alarm just to pray if you’d like
  2. post it notes- i have a post it note on my TV, on my head board, by my bathroom mirror, and by the door to my apartment that says “Pray” on it. I try to be a person that prays without ceasing, or at least strives to be. those post it notes remind me that before i go to bed, before i watch tv, before i leave my apartment, i better stop and pray

eventually it becomes natural. you’ll find yourself praying all the time; when things are going well, when things are going wrong, for yourself, for other people, a prayer of thanks, a prayer of worship.

but needing to be reminded to pray is normal. trying those two things may be very helpful.

And it doesn’t have to be super formal.

Prayer is conversation with God.

frame it like you are talking sitting there with you.

I got lost over the weekend and I was praying like God was in the back seat.

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asking life’s questions

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Dont let ferguson die because it isnt trending anymore

I was just saying this!

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In history class…


"White people built america"


"Columbus is a hero"


"Manifest Destiny" 


"Survival of the fittest" 


"Slavery, segregation, some MLK & Rosa Parks happened, end of racism"


"The Melting Pot" 


"Land of the free/opportunity" 


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